The Words You Speak The first one rule relates your words and your health. Through research of business employers and employees’ perspectives we have found that the most important factors in career advancement and satisfaction rest on two main things: your attitude and your ability to communicate with others. Obviously, you cannot communicate effectively if you do not use words properly. This is cause for failure not just in our jobs, but in our very lives and health as well. Words really do have the power of life and death. Let me give you two examples. First is Martin Luther King; we all know who he is. He did wonderful things and was the very key figure in the Civil Rights movement. Now, interestingly enough, he used to joke saying, “I will not live to be 40. I will not live to be 40.” And as you all know, he was assassinated before he turned 40, at the age of 39. Is that a coincidence that we can go on and on giving examples of what happened? Here is a second example in the opposite direction. Theodore Roosevelt was the proponent of healthy living and, of course, the president of the United States. But here is what he told his doctor when he was in his early 20s. He was a very sickly child, even into his teen years, but he decided to really take charge and build his body and health through rigorous training. He became a boxer. He was very frail, but he turned things around through his exercise. His doctor pulled him aside and said, “you are pushing yourself too hard. You’re going to compromise your health.” He would try to stop him from doing all this rigorous activity. Roosevelt replied to his doctor, “I want to live for a long time. I want to be healthy. I’ll be able to keep on doing what I’m doing and I’m going to die by the time I’m 60.” Well, when do you think he died? At age 60. And while that is a significant improvement from what would have happened to him had he not taken steps to control his health. But again, there is something about words that can to a very large degree determine your physical destiny and your health. The Words You Hear The words you hear also play a key role in your health, but not as much as what you speak. The words you hear are most important as a young child; your parents’ words and those in authority over you will have great power over your life. As you get older, age seven and onward, the words that you speak hold a pre-eminent position in your life. As a general rule, the closer the person is to you, the greater effect his or her words will have on your life. Since you are the closest to yourself, your words will impact you most. Learning to choose words wisely is so important because it will affect our spoken word, our patterns of thought, our emotions, and our behavior—every system in the body. Research indicates that when you speak positive words, it can empower your immune system, your brain, and your endocrine system. Negative words can actually physically disrupt electrical patterns in the brain. For example, lie detectors reveal that when you speak false truth, it registers as a stress in your system. In other words, you are not supposed to be lying. You should be telling the truth because the more you tell habitual lies, the more your body systems are compromised. Words and Your Thoughts  How we think is directly connected with how we talk. If our spoken words are hasty and ill-thought out, then likely our unspoken ones are even more so. Your thoughts affect your words and words affect your thoughts. The more you replace negative words with positive ones, the more you will be able to accurately formulate thought and function effectively. Sloppy speech impacts your thinking, emotions, behavior, and life. Most of the time our talk is really negative. Just look at the dictionary and you will find it has twice as many words associated with negatives emotions than positive ones. When you begin to take control of your words, you will find that you are going against the flow. Some people will even ridicule you for trying to be more accurate or positive. But just remember that people who are successful, most healthy, and make a difference in this world are those who carefully choose their words.]]>