• To support and provide relief for a hundred children suffering from each of the following five (5) categories: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, seizure disorders, Sickle Cell disease and acute brain injury, making a total of five hundred (500) children for the year 2018, beginning in Abuja, Nigeria and reaching into other African countries.
  • To raise public awareness on the reality and causes of brain disorders, the threat they pose to society, and the evidence based solutions available, in the hope that government and private institutions alike will join in the campaign to improve brain health nationwide.
  •   THE PROBLEM: An estimated one in six children lives with a mental disability, ranging from delayed mental and emotional development to severe mental retardation and physical disability, where one is able to perform simple daily tasks. Nigeria has the highest rate of Sickle Cell disease in the world. While most developed countries have well established systems to support the provision of medications and the skilled medical attention needed, most developing countries do not, leaving the burden of care to the families and friends of such individuals for the entire course of their lives; a burden most are simply unable to bear. Sadly, they are resigned to watch helplessly as their children and wards deteriorate before them. In Nigeria, although tremendous strides have been made in the provision of immunizations, proper nutrition and healthcare facilities especially in the rural areas, there still remains a high incidence of neurodevelopment challenges, many of which are genetic in origin (for example, Sickle cell disease, autism and Down Syndrome), or result from injury or insult during pregnancy, birth or within the first twelve months of life (resulting in conditions like cerebral palsy, for instance). Furthermore, the absence (or unavailability) of skilled workers remains a serious issue. This is further compounded by the spate of medical workers’ strikes in Nigeria, resulting in patients receiving sub-optimal peri-natal care, leading to improperly managed cases of complicated/prolonged labor, for example, and thus to varying degrees of brain damage…with tragic consequences. Most of these cases have limited treatment options; doctors routinely recommending physical therapy, multivitamin supplements, and seizure medications, if warranted, with little success. Until recently, there was not much else to offer. Children suffering genetic and congenital disorders such as Sickle cell disease, Autism and Down syndrome lack the necessary access to skilled professionals (such as behavioral, physical and speech therapists). During a recent visit to the world famous Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Autism and Other Related Disorders (CARD) in Baltimore, we discovered with a deep sense of disappointment that they had more speech therapists in that one location than can be found in Nigeria as a whole. Physiotherapy and pediatric centers all over the country are filled with infants and children who have suffered (or are suffering) from some degree of birth trauma or the other. The standard treatments so far fall short of actually providing relief for such cases. THE SOLUTION: Until recently, it was thought that brain damage (from whatever reason) among children could not be treated effectively, except only with physiotherapy and seizure control, if warranted. Recent approaches in neuroscience and nutritional science have shown that the brain and body has a lot more capability to heal itself than was prior believed. Working with research and rehabilitation centers in the US and Canada, we have been able to demonstrate, using safe, natural potent interventions, including nutraceuticals, significant recovery in children suffering from various degrees of brain damage and underdevelopment. Videos and testimonials from doctors and patients are available on request, as well as scientific evidence as to their efficacy. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment per month for these disabilities is quite high, with most families simply being unable to afford it. Many patients sadly, are unable to continue treatment, and eventually drop out altogether. BBF aims at improving maternal health to prevent maternal and infant mortality and reduce preventable neurologic deficits in children summarized in the following objectives: Objective 1: Reduce maternal mortality Objective 2: Reduce Infant mortality Objective 3: Improve the lives and abilities of children living with neurologic deficits Objective 4: Reduce the incidence of crises in children with sickle cell disease by as much as 90%, and improve their quality of life.   BBF THEME AND APPROACH The spate of terrible health challenges in recent times is no longer news as people battling with joint and bone problems, heart related issues and stroke, challenges with the brain and even hormonal imbalance, are more often than not, made to believe they have to live with these condition for the rest of their lives. There are several proven cases that attest to the fact that people living with such conditions can live healthy lives despite their health challenges. These facts are what the Brain and Body Foundationis out to address. The Brain and Body Foundation seeks to address those serious health challenges that seem to have defied medical practice as they affect the young and the old, while providing answers to pressing concerns about health and lifestyle. Brain and Body Foundation is a medical centre set up with a goal to educate and help people understand how their minds and bodies work so they can make better health decisions and have better control of their lives. The Foundation leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling its mandate of reaching out to the public and proffering solutions to these challenges in the most natural way possible. These we do with the four letter word CARE. We CARE in the following ways: Charity: We provide evidence based nutritional intervention, physiotherapy and where needed, psychotherapy to correct the deficiencies seen in many children. These we do in partnership with individuals, government agencies, non-governmental/charity Organizations (NGOs) and other agencies both within and outside the nation in order to make these interventions available free of charge, especially to the indigent. Advocacy: Using education and research evidence based studies, we endeavor to bring these problems and solutions to the attention of decision and policy makers in the government and private sectors. Research: Nutrition has been shown to play a significant role in human health through the centuries. Our goal is to research to find out the most cost effective nutritional protocols that can be used to support children (and adults) going through difficult health challenges, thus improving clinical outcomes. Education: Equipping lay people with the right information so that they can take charge of their lives; developing better and more healthylifestyles. Focus Areas BBF focuses on six major areas:
    • The brain
    • The heart (Cadiovascular system)
    • The gut/digestive system
    • The immune system
    • Endocrine/hormonal System
    • Bones and Joints
      Our Approach
    1. Diet/ Nutrition advice
    2. Provide Nutraceuticals specific to Brain structure and function
    iii.      Gut Rehabilitation
    1. Health Education for patients
    2. Bring in Behavioral and physical therapists
    3. Recommend physical and exercise therapists for more complete recovery
    vii.     Provide Nutraceuticals for repair of damaged cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments Join us as we journey towards achieving these goals.]]>