The Great Secret of Life with Dr David Ajibade

that is important is dopamine, dopamine is a “high” hormone. It’s what helps to give a nice feeling in the body, it gives you drive, it gives you happiness and the feeling of anticipation, and you know you’re going towards something. Quick side point: drugs, let’s say drugs like cocaine but the way they act is to improve or increase dopamine levels in the body, the natural way to increase dopamine is by sex or by a great orgasm. Some of the highest level of dopamine is released during orgasm and that’s why sex is such a great thing because it gives you a high. Drugs on the other hand can give you another high but of course you can’t do drugs, don’t do drugs! The gut has half, some say not half but a large number of neurons I think about 500 million, it’s the second largest with the highest number of neurons in the body next to the brain. In fact it’s called the second brain. Another reason why the brain is so important to gut function and to the body is because, the obvious reason; it’s the portal of entry, it’s through your mouth that you take in all kinds of food and other things as well, I mean a lot of toxins come  through it, heavy metals come with it. So your gut has to be primed and ready to sieve through the good stuff, remove the bad stuff and keep the good stuff in, if the gut for any reason is not able to  protect and to guide and create a good barrier against the bad stuffs getting into the blood stream then we have a problem and its going to affect the brain functions and affect a food problems and all that, quick example mercury and lead are in all kinds of foods, in our drinks, water and in all that. We know that mercury poisoning and lead poisoning can cause defects in brain functioning, it can reduce iQ, it can affect your ability to speak, especially in young kids, you know many kids with autism, if they have mercury.. I believe its mercury; high level of mercury can shot down the speech centers. The gut, back to the gut now…The gut helps to protect helps to protect and guide against these toxins from entering the system. If the gut isn’t strong enough, if the barrier isn’t well formed then these things will be able to sieve into the system. The other thing is that the gut that the key enzymes are made to absorb, digest and even create certain hormones, I think vitamin B12 is a factor called the intrinsic factor without which the body can’t make use of vitamin B12, intrinsic factor helps the body make use of vitamin B12, so it’s really important that the gut are well maintained. And I got to say folks most of us are really sloppy when it comes to taking care of the gut, improving gut function especially in your teens, year twenties and late twenties, not beyond 30 you can afford to be careless but some of those things will eventually catch up with you. But from the age of 30 and onwards, things begin to plateau and your natural abilities, your natural strength begins to wane, so it’s every important that as soon as possible to begin to be aware of the things that are going to hurt your guts, the things that are going to hurt your brain, because whatever hurts your gut, hurt your brain. Just take it like that It’s very important that we are educated on what these things are and what to do, more importantly what to do to improve gut functions. I have a few tips for you, there are about four things two do’s and two don’ts. The first do; make sure you take good foods and I know that’s kind off verge, I forgot I was supposed to bring a bottle of ….hey there could you help me bring a bottle, that’s on the table? There’s something called fiber, fiber colon cleanse. So what I do, fiber is really, really important thank you, fiber is really important for a healthy gut, what fiber helps to do is to clean the gut, fiber helps to move things along, it also helps to slow down the absorption of things like sugar and cholesterol. But most importantly is that fiber helps to feed the good bacteria. We have good bacteria and we have bad bacteria, it should be 85% good to 15% bad. When this ratio becomes affected especially in the negative sense, it can really result with some bad things happening, so good bacteria is very important. Fiber helps to feed the good bacteria and most of the fibers you can get are in fruits and vegetables not much in meat, not much in fish unfortunately over here in Nigeria, we don’t take much fruits and vegetables it’s really hard and salads are a delicacy over here unfortunately. Some of it has to be well prepared and it’s a long story, so I do is that I have this really good…and listen I don’t own any shares in this company but this is what I take, it’s called colon cleanse,  the recommendation is that you take about 30 grams a day of fiber or 40 grams a day, a hip table spoon of this will give you about seven grams, so you’re supposed to take it multiple times, I don’t come near or close to four times a day but I do try to take it as regularly as I can and I tell you whenever I do I feel really good. It helps to get things out and helps to cleanse the system. The two don’ts, first don’t you want to relieve yourself of the things that are not healthy and you’ve heard this behavior.  The next thing is you want to avoid the three whites, that’s the sugar, avoid bread, avoid white rice. All these three are not very healthy for the system, and you should avoid them as much as possible. Avoid things that are toxic to the body, things like alcohol, smoking, drugs, avoid drugs as much as possible because these affects the lining gut and fried foods, lest I forget; you want to avoid that also because this affect the lining of the gut, the lining of the gut is very important as a barrier between the outside world and the blood stream, the gut has to be as healthy as possible and the integrity of the gut has to be maintained as much as possible and we know this, that fried foods because of the fried oils can be toxic to the system we know also that the three whites again, because they  raise a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of simple sugars, they dump it in your system and these can be a focal point for bad bacteria to feed on and to produce toxic substances and so it’s really important that you really have good amount of healthy foods. You want to take fiber, you want to take as much fruits and vegetable as possible, you want to stay with cooked and raw foods as oppose to the fried and processed foods. Avoid putting stuffs in the microwave as much as you possibly can I know that’s hard but avoid it as much as possible, eat fresh food as much as possible. So those are our suggestions, we do a lot at the Brain and Body Foundation with regards to children with brain disorders like I said and the key part of what we do is to cleanse and heal the guts. There are nutraceuticals that we found out that work wonders when it comes to helping the brain and I think, this is something that you need to talk to your health care providers about as well, especially if you have a child with brain disorders or brain condition. As part of their treatment, they are not focused on healing and cleaning the gut and strengthening the gut, I got to tell you, they’re fighting with one hand behind their back, blindfolded and frankly with their two legs chopped off, because that’s key, it’s fundamental to everything that has to do with brain function to mood, behavior even to skin disorders, but we know that people who have constant allergies, people who have dermatitis, people who have acne all these things have a lot to do with what’s going on in the gut and again, it’s a lot of immune interaction system that are out off lack, so it’s really important that you just think through these. Find out, investigate for yourself, try and discuss with your health care provider and see if they can include in whatever else they’re doing they can include, healing and strengthening of the gut and you’ll be glad you did but it takes some investigation, it takes some research, but you’ll be glad you did. So I want to encourage you, think about the gut and I want to leave you with these thought “Build Gut Strength” and that’s our tag line for the month “Build Gut Strength”. Thanks so much, thank you for listening, thank you for your time and please don’t forget to send in your suggestions, questions, comments, things like that. Looking forward in seeing you in our next video, next webinar. Thanks bye.]]>