As part of the BBF C.A.R.E. initiative, we aim to educate the general public, stimulating them to take intelligent actions towards safeguarding their health. We believe most health problems can be prevented by adopting the right lifestyle and consuming the right nutrients, and most of these principles are readily accessible to the common man.

Your Health In Your Hands is a weekly television show hosted Dr. David Ajibade, in which we identify the health challenges of Nigerians and explore solutions. We hope to provide our viewers with the necessary information to enable them take charge of their health, leading to a healthier society.

Our goal with every episode is this: To help people everywhere take control of their health by providing them with information that will help them make better decisions and take more intelligent actions.

Each episode focuses on the following:

1. How your body (and individual systems) works.

2. How to keep it working optimally (the resources and environment it requires to function).

3. The toxins/threats to our health and how to avoid them.

4. The role healthcare professionals and the government play.

Dr Ajibade currently hosts and presents a weekly TV show on Africa’s largest television network entitled: Your Health in Your Hands. This 30-minute segment highlights issues affecting Nigerians in particular, including mental health/brain disorders, cardiovascular concerns (e.g. hypertension) and cancer, and is viewed at least five times a week by millions both within and outside the country.

Dr Ajibade is a frequent guest on several radio and television stations, including Channels TV, TVC, NTA and AIT where he offers his expert advice. Through the media, life seminars, trainings and partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations, he is focused on bringing his experience, expertise and connections to improving the delivery of health care in Nigeria and of the health of Nigerians as a whole.



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