As part of our outreach and service to the world,

you can now discuss online with

Dr. David (FREE OF CHARGE) from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy 15 minutes of a free medical discussion

through the month of July and August.

Gain access to over 25 years of medical experience and

up-to-date research on health and wellness-related topics.


ASK Dr David

Discuss any of the following challenges (and more):


Do you know or have a child with Autism?

Sickle Cell Disorder

Do you know anyone battling with SCD?

Respiratory Disorders

Do you know anyone with respiratory problems?

Cardiovascular Disease

Do you know anyone struggling with any form of cardiovasular disease?

Brain Disorders

Do you know or have a child with a brain impairment? such as:

I. Cerebral Palsy
II. Seizures
III. Down Syndrome, etc.

Success Stories

There have been no crises since coming to the foundation. She can sleep and eat well now unlike before.

~ Safiya Usman’s Sister

Christopher is a 7-year-old boy who has undergone transfusion and experienced frequent crises before. After seven months with the foundation, he has not experienced any crises.

~ Mother

Priscilla has improved since joining the foundation. There has been less fatigue and she can now use her left hand better than before.

~ Mother