As part of our outreach and service to the world,

you can now discuss online with

Dr. David (FREE OF CHARGE) from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy 15 minutes of a free medical discussion

through the month of July and August.

Gain access to over 25 years of medical experience and

up-to-date research on health and wellness-related topics.


ASK Dr David

Discuss any of the following challenges (and more):
[lifeline2_custom_impact_output title=”Autism” image=”41974″ description=”Do you know or have a child with Autism?”]
[lifeline2_custom_impact_output title=”Sickle Cell Disorder” image=”41973″ description=”Do you know anyone battling with SCD?”]
[lifeline2_custom_impact_output title=”Respiratory Disorders” image=”41969″ description=”Do you know anyone with respiratory problems?”]
[lifeline2_custom_impact_output title=”Cardiovascular Disease” image=”41972″ description=”Do you know anyone struggling with any form of cardiovasular disease?”]
[lifeline2_custom_impact_output title=”Brain Disorders” image=”41971″ description=”Do you know or have a child with a brain impairment? such as:

I. Cerebral Palsy
II. Seizures
III. Down Syndrome, etc.”]

Success Stories

There have been no crises since coming to the foundation. She can sleep and eat well now unlike before.

~ Safiya Usman’s Sister

Christopher is a 7-year-old boy who has undergone transfusion and experienced frequent crises before. After seven months with the foundation, he has not experienced any crises.

~ Mother

Priscilla has improved since joining the foundation. There has been less fatigue and she can now use her left hand better than before.

~ Mother