Our Testimonials


Autism practically affects every tissue in the body, but from what we have found, the four areas most severely affected are the brain (and nervous system), the immune system, the digestive system, and the detoxification system.

Our approach to managing autism takes a more, shall we say “reductionist” approach. We address each of these major areas, sometimes together, sometimes at different times, depending on how your child responds. Remember, these are NOT drugs. They are mainly nutrients, albeit concentrated nutrients, extracted from food, to perform specific functions in the body. We’re focused on doing the most with the least amount. So far it has worked very well.

Sickle Cell Disease

Putting smiles on the faces of these patients and their families is our goal.

We focus on improving the overall quality of life of patients with sickle cell disease, not just on preventing crises. Over 80% of patients report significant improvement within the first two weeks of therapy.

Cerebral Palsy

Our goal Is to help our patients with cerebral palsy live as normal a life as is possible, by optimizing repair and regeneration of their brain cells, as well as improving health in their musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, immune and most importantly, nervous systems. Testimonials range from reduced constipation to musculoskeletal improvements such as improved neck control, crawling sitting, standing and even walking without support. Some have even started speaking, and their interaction with parents and peers has improved remarkably.

Seizure Disorder/Convulsions

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome patients are special because they find it hard to fit into society. Therapies provided have been shown to aid their development and assist in repairing their neurological deficits, thus improving their quality of life. Many of our patients report improvements from reduced constipation to better cognition and speech.

Delayed Developmental Milestones