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The BBF Volunteer Programme is an initiative that utilises actions, ideas, and people to improve the lives of medically vulnerable children in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

Offer your time, talents, and interests to children who need passionate people like you to help them promote essential projects. We’re creating this global network to harness the power of people in the BBF community.

We Love To Volunteer

Images captured during past events featuring our fantastic volunteers

BBF Volunteers at the wedding reception of a volunteer, Faith Naroka Bako (Bride).

L-R: Hajara Abdul-Sule, Patrick JoneClever, Fatima Maha, Nwakwasi Goodness, Daniel Bowman (Head of Operations, BBF), Sarah Yakubu, Peculiar Obiukwu (Executive Assistant, BBF), Nep Plandkag, Lillian Tipili, Jemimah Yakubu.


Get an inside look at what happens every day at the BBF office as well as past events.

Highlights from BBF Volunteers discussing their year at the foundation.

Birthday celebration of Goodness Nwakwasi (Head Volunteer) and Solomon Adomi (Head of Clinic).

Mid-Year Lunch with BBF Staff and Volunteers in 2022.

A tour of the BBF office facility, including an introduction to some of the volunteers.

Daniel Bowman, Head of Operations, addresses volunteers at a strategy meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities

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