Gwantu General Hospital Kaduna

At the inception of Project SCD Nigeria, the administration of Gwantu General Hospital in Kaduna State has been keen to work with Brain and Body Foundation to assist improve the quality of life of sickle cell warriors.

With a sickle cell disease population of approximately 1000 children and a yearly birth rate of approximately 500 new-born babies, we look forward to a fruitful working relationship for the benefit of the SCD community in Gwantu, Kaduna State.

Update: Project SCD Nigeria

On 18th July 2023, Gwantu General Hospital in Kaduna, Nigeria received 840 bottles of Citamil and distributed to over 210 Beneficiaries. The Brain and Body Foundation management decided to expand the supplement allocation for Gwantu General Hospital to accommodate 319 patients monthly.

BBF PARTNERSHIPS: Gwantu General Hospital

Project SCD Nigeria approval in Gwantu General Hospital, Kaduna State.

Introducing the Brain and Body Foundation for collaboration to provide CITAMIL donated to help sickle cell disease children in Nigeria.

Letter of acceptance from Gwantu General Hospital to collaborate with BBF to help provide CITAMIL for sickle cell disease patients.

On May 31, 2023, Nurse Silverline Goje, BBF co-ordinator for Project SCD Nigeria in Gwantu, Kaduna State, announces a collaboration with the Brain and Body Foundation to help economically disadvantaged children with SCD gain access to CITAMIL. She supervises the routine clinic’s patient intake and follow-up.


New batch of CITAMIL recipients at Gwantu General Hospital, Kaduna State. The project has beneficiaries from four major local governments in the southern region of the state.