Serving as both the Medical Director and Executive Director, Dr. Ajibade oversees the operations of Brain and Body Solutions, LLC and Brain and Body Foundation Inc., in the US and Nigeria. Brain & Body Solutions, LLC, is an integrated health center in Nigeria, and the Brain & Body Foundation is an organization established to focus on educating the public on relevant health issues, providing safe, innovative solutions to health conditions affecting the brain and body, and on alleviating the suffering of medically fragile children, including those diagnosed with severe brain disorders, genetic disorders, and sickle cell disease. One of the charity’s primary goals is to take the advances of the Western World and apply them to resource poor communities such as those in Africa and other developing nations around the world. In addition to several business interests, Dr. Ajibade is currently volunteering as a Community Health Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association, assisting with education, outreach programs, and the providing of support for families living with dementia. His extensive experience on TV, radio, and large speaking engagements enables him to deliver a wealth of knowledge on the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s, especially for those in the black community.


1. Dementia and Blacks

Dr David discusses practical steps for you to take in preventing and addressing the factors that put Blacks at twice the risk of memory loss, cognitive impairments, and dementia. Kindly visit my YouTube channel for additional information about my work with black people and dementia. CLICK HERE

2. Dementia’s Dirty Dozen

Explore the twelve main causes of dementia with Dr. David and understand how they contribute to the development of this condition. Please click the link to learn more about these factors. CLICK HERE 

3. The Building Strength Philosophy and Approach

Enhance your ability to prevent illnesses and speed up your recovery from sickness, disease, and trauma with Dr. David. Understand what it requires to strengthen specific organs and systems.

4. The Laws of Life

Discover the essential principles that control your well-being and existence, illuminated by Dr. David.

5. Whole Body Thinking

Dr. David analyses the interconnection of all aspects within the body, providing insight into the human body as a single entity in which seemingly unconnected organs can have a substantial impact on one another.


Many African Americans, probably as a result of cultural and subconscious beliefs, are doing things that are positively damaging their brains; in some cases, they actually doing these things under the belief that they’re preserving their health, when in fact it’s resulting in the COMPLETE OPPOSITE…and that’s the frightening part of it all.

Super grateful to the leadership of Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Baltimore Chapter, (especially David McShea, Ilene Rosenthal and Marlyn Taylor) for the opportunity!

In my interview with Breana Ross, a reporter at WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore (Baltimore TV station), I discussed the key risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease in African Americans.
L-R, Erin Burnett and Breana Ross

Rally for Access 2023

Dr. David presenting on Alzheimer’s Warning Signs, Resources, and Risk Reduction at the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2023 Rally for Access.

Alzheimer's Association Greater Maryland 2023 Dementia Conference

Dr. David spoke at the ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE 2023 about Brain Health and Risk Reduction in the African American Community.

Harford Senior Center

Dr David Ajibade speaking to a group of senior folks at the Harford Senior Centre in connection with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Hatton Senior Center

Seniors of the Hatton Senior Centre discussing with Dr. David Ajibade during a presentation organized by Alzheimer’s Association.

Cherry Hill Senior Center

Dr. David with senior citizens at the Cherry Hill Senior Centre.