BBF PARTNERSHIPS: De Edge Caregiver Associates'

Meet OluwaBukola Mark, Founder, De-Edge Care Giver Associates

De-Edge Care Giver Associates (DECA) is a nonprofit organization in Lagos, Nigeria. DECA supports individuals with sickle cell disease.

Brain and Body Foundation in partnership with De-Edge Care Giver Associates is working tirelessly to reduce the death rate of children living with sickle cell disease in Nigeria.

Together we’ve been able to provide free supplements for sickle cell warriors in the western region of Nigeria, Lagos state precisely.

By 2025, we hope to expand our reach to all parts of the country and support more children battling sickle cell disease.

Appreciation post from De Edge Caregiver Associates’ founder, Mrs. Bukola Mark


Brain and Body Foundation and De-Edge Care Giver Associates believe that individuals with sickle cell disorder have the right to quality care.

This can only be achieved if funding is made available to provide free supplements and educate health care providers and other professionals about the condition. Brain and Body Foundation seeks to achieve this feat.