Dr. Ajibade is a skilled clinician and physician with a keen interest in reducing complexities into basic principles that can be applied to the treatment of brain disorders. He is also a skilled communicator, and currently hosts the number one TV health show in Africa, Your Health in Your Hands, which airs weekly on Africa’s largest television network. As far back as he can remember, Dr. Ajibade has been passionate about three things:

    1. Learning how the brain and body work.

    2. Discovering the keys to enhancing their ability to function on an optimal level and heal from illness; and

    3. Sharing what he learns with others.

Dr. David Ajibade is a military veteran, an “Ex-Boy” of the prestigious Nigerian Military School, a former cadet at the Nigerian Defense Academy (41RC), and a soldier in the Nigerien Military before graduating from medical school. He has seen the mental, emotional, and physical toll being in the military has had on his friends and former. For him, it is a personal, as much as professional mission, to work with and help these individuals reduce the emotional pain and burdens they live with, often for a lifetime.

Dr. David Ajibade


In 1997, Dr. Ajibade received his medical degree from the University of Ibadan, in Ibadan, Nigeria. After working in the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department at the National Hospital Abuja for two years, he moved to the United States to pursue a more complete understanding of health, medicine and human life. During his time in America, Dr. Ajibade has acquired certifications in several fields of study, including the treatment of brain disorders, the addressing of inflammation as it pertains to overall health and wellness, and naturopathic medicine. He has devoted the last 20 years of his life to studying how the human mind and body work, with a focus on understanding how to optimize both their longevity, and performance. He has also had a keen interest in identifying and studying some of the best researched and most critically acclaimed discoveries in medical science, especially in the fields of brain function, immune and endocrine health, and cancer. During this time, and to this day, he continues to collaborate with an array of experts in the fields of immune function, brain disorders and cardiovascular disease, while carrying on his work with organizations that focus on best practices to educate the general public and healthcare professionals. In addition to his medical license, Dr. Ajibade has numerous certifications from the following internationally recognized institutions:

1. Oral Roberts University – Masters, Nonprofit Management
2. World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service – accredited Principal Consulting Physician for
the Federal Republic of Nigeria
3. Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University (Autism Research)
4. Walsh Research Institute (Advanced Nutrient Therapy)
5. Irlen Institute (Issues of Special Needs Children)
6. Center for Bioethics Research (Biomedical Research on Human Subjects)
7. Inflammation Research Foundation (Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition) 8. Alzheimer’s Association Certified Health Educator