Support Our Work at Brain u0026amp; Body Foundation




Support Brain and Body Foundation’s activities and programs through private and corporate donations.

 Your Donations will be used to:

  1. Provide relief for select children suffering from the tragic consequences of brain damage or mal-development in hospitals free of charge or at a discounted cost, beginning in Abuja, Nigeria and extending to other African countries.
  2. Raise public awareness about the reality and causes of brain disorders.

Brain u0026amp; Body Foundation accepts online donations via PayPal and Credit Card.

To make a Tax-Deductible Donation by Check:

• Write a check payable to Brain and Body Foundation.

• Mail the check to:

Brain and Body Foundation

4727 Edgewood Drive,

Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066

Online transfers, Checks or Cash Deposits in Naira should be payable to:

Account Name: Brain and Body Foundation

Account Number: 0103676954

Bank: Diamond Bank

You will receive a prompt acknowledgment and receipt.