Deepak Suthar

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Deepak Suthar, a serial technology entrepreneur and speaker, is on this planet to massively impact millions of people through technology, innovation, and education.  His latest endeavor is to give companies an enterprise-level marketing solution for the cost of an intern, solving one of the biggest challenges that every sales organization struggles with – consistently following up with their leads, prospects, and clients.

He has worn every hat possible in the business realm while being an integral part of 10 different startup companies over the past 25 years, which gives him the unique ability to be able to leverage technology for radical vertical innovation; teach the best of the best sales professionals the art and science of integrity-based human influence.

Deepak is also a husband, a father to two incredible kids, and is obsessed with radically shifting the public education system by teaching children skills that will unlock their ability to truly become the next generation of future leaders and change the world.