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  • The factors that trigger and accelerate memory loss/cognitive decline, and lead to more serious complications further down the road, like Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The circulatory system – that amazing network that includes your heart and blood vessels – the role it plays in memory, cancer, and other chronic diseases and your overall health.

  • “The 4th law” – how what you eat (or swallow) affects your brain and body.

  • The four fundamental, the four most basic processes that determine the trajectory of your health, and how specific nutrients can influence them. And of course, if you’re looking to recover from injury, illness, intoxication, or insult, you cannot afford to neglect any of these.

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Meet The Host

Health and Wellness Expert

Dr David Ajibade

Executive Director, Brain and Body Foundation

Dr David is the medical director and founder of Brain and Body Solutions, Ltd., an integrated health center. He is also the Executive Director of Brain and Body Foundation (BBF), an organization focused on educating the Nigerian public on important health issues and on alleviating the suffering of medically fragile children, including those diagnosed with severe brain disorders, genetic disorders, and sickle cell disease. BBF holds a free clinic every Friday during which free consultations and nutraceuticals are provided to children from low-income families.

The Brain and Body Foundation has signed MOUs with the Federal Ministry of Health and The Nigerian Military to address Mental Health and Brain disorders in Nigeria.

Education and Training:

He received his medical degree from the University of Ibadan and worked in the Radiotherapy and Oncology (cancer) Department at the National Hospital, Abuja before leaving for the United States to pursue a more complete study of health, medicine, and human life. He has devoted the last twenty years of his life to studying how the human mind and body work, with a focus on understanding how to optimize their performance. He has also had a keen interest in identifying and studying some of the best researched and most critically acclaimed discoveries in medical science, especially in the fields of brain function and cancer.

Using technology and the Internet, he has reached and educated people of different races, ages, backgrounds, and educational levels all over the world on the most important aspects of health and life. In doing this, he has built a network of medical professionals in the US and Canada and a vast library of videos, audios, handouts, and text materials on topics ranging from the latest and most effective treatments for cancer, to how to raise intelligent, healthy, emotionally adjusted children, to the most effective approaches to optimizing and balancing hormones, to how to prevent many of the ills plaguing our societies today.

United Nations Foundation:

As a consultant to the United Nations Foundation, Dr. Ajibade played a key role in the drafting of Nigeria’s first comprehensive eHealth strategy draft. This was a collaborative effort between the Federal Ministries of Health and Communication Technology and major telecommunications companies.

Through the media, live seminars, trainings and collaborations/partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations, he is focused on bringing his experience, expertise, and connections to improving the delivery of health care in Nigeria and of the health of Nigerians as a whole.

In the Media:

Dr. Ajibade has appeared on several radio and television programs, including Channels TV, TVC, NTA, and AIT. He currently hosts a weekly TV show on Africa’s largest television network entitled: Your Health In Your Hands. Winner, 2022 Impact Africa Awards – TV Station/Program Of The Year For Promoting Health Throughout Africa.

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